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Best ways to Kill yourself

Best ways to Kill yourself

Have you ever searched the internet to know the best painless way to kill yourself?
Well I have, and you are damn near impossible to find the answer.
There is big question to person how to kill your self without pain. Below are some easiest way to commit suicide. you can also find painless ways to commit suicide.

Ways to kill yourself

1. Slit your wrists.
2. Drink cleaning supplies.
3. Gun Shot - Put your dad's rifle in your mouth and shoot.
4. Cut yourself along several major arteries and slowly bleed to death.
5. Fill the bathtub up with hot water and get in. Go underwater & breathe until I say stop.
6. Give yourself a home-made tattoo with toxic silver pen.
7. Fill the bathtub up. Grab a toaster & plug it in. Get in the bathtub and bring the toaster with you. Push           down the button & enjoy!

8. Boil several gallons of water on the stove and "accidentally" spill it all on yourself.

9. Bash your head in with a hammer.
10. Get an axe from the woodpile & split yourself in half.

11. Use your telekinetic powers to make the house fall apart.
12. Tease the elevator by not letting it close until it buzzes loudly. Stand in the door's way and let it close.
13. Break a mirror. Take two sharp pieces of the glass and shove them in your eyes, hard and deep.
14. Shove a Chef's knife up your butt.
15. Kill someone else and plead for death by lethal injection.
16. Break a bottle of wine on a table and shove it in your stomach.
17. Have your best friend run you over with a steamroller.
18. Turn on the iron until water dances on surface. Put it on several places on your body, keeping it in each          place for at least 45 seconds.
19. Jump off a building, aiming carefully to impale yourself on a lamppost.
20. Drive a wooden stake in your heart.
21. Induce vomiting until you black out and slip into a coma. This coma should last for several months, in             which time your family will certainly decide to pull the plug.
22. Put your pinky, as well as any other digits that will fit, into an electrical socket.
23. Purposely catch your clothing in the escalator at a local mall and fight off anyone who tries to help. Enjoy       the ride!
24. Unbend a coat hanger and slowly & carefully shove it up your nose.

This post only for fun, remember that suicide is not solution for any problem.  If your friend & you are thinking about suicide please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255). It is toll free number they will help to you. Meditate your self it is a best way to fell free. 


  1. tysm i am totally killing my self

  2. tysm i am totally killing my self

  3. tysm i am totally killing my self

  4. Replies
    1. I'm 13 and its 2020 I just wanna fucking die already but I don't wanna hurt my family or friends oh wait I have no friends ���� I have gone insane ever since my ex Lucas holly left me and my other ex that had to change schools ������ his name is Kenneth ray and I still remember him like he's right next to me �������� well I hope you have be great day and please stay off this it's really bad and even for me it's bad so your d bye and live cause God made you for a reason I don't know the reason but I know it's something cause your life is not a film so don't end it your skin is just t paper don't cut it your neck is not a hanger don't hang it ����

  5. None of these seem painless please add a painless version of this article

  6. thanks dude this really helped me

  7. Thanks I'm very sad and depressed and this helped me find ways to kill !used

  8. Thank you for helping me kill my sle

  9. lol, to be honest this is probably the funniest website i have been in, everyone says this helped and they tried this but this one question seems to just be stuck in my brain the one thing i don't understand is people are still alive because they left a comment after they've done it...BOOOO you bunch of liars

  10. "funniest website i have ever been in" go to fucking hell anyone that makes this/thinks this is funny thats not fucking cool

  11. anyone that is feeling like doing this please please go talk to someone i know you dont want to but trust me it helps


  13. Thank you, I appreciate this. I've been planning for a while, but never found the right thing to do. I've been depressed for almost four years, I am 13 years old.

  14. Does your name happen to be patience

  15. Also don't die!!! Which may seem weird judging by the fact that I looked this up but just remember this poem I made. This door is a choice for you to choose. Some say it's a fait that's better off you loose. But yet I still wonder what's in store. How can I escape the temptations of the door.

  16. Which means that what if life is worse when your dead
    It could be an endless void of suffering



    they worked but now the police are chasing me because apparently doing these things to family is "illegal"