Sarvjeet Singh Makes A Personal Request To All His Supporters

There is no denying the fact that Jasleen Kaur case is one of the hottest national issues at present and everyone is eagerly waiting for court’s verdict. At the same time, it is also true that a large majority of people support Sarvjeet Singh, considering him innocent and truthful. And for the same, they want the justice to be done and court to give judgment in favor of Sarvjeet.

To strengthen their support, supporters of Sarvjeet want to protest by means of rally but here we present you a video in which Sarvjeet makes a personal request to all his supporters not to protest because he does not want his case to be affected by all this. But he does say that after the judgment of the court, he himself will join his supporter in the rally. What a sensible man! I’m sure it must have made you respect him more than ever.

Must Watch Video For All Who Support Sarvjeet Singh:


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