Badlu Ram Ka Badan Lyrics . Beautiful song from Assam Regiment

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"Badluram ek Sipahi tha. Japan War mein mar gaya. Quarter Master smart tha. Usne Ration nikala."

"Badlu Ram ka badan zameen ke neeche hai, aur humko uska Ration milta hai."

                  Spirit awakening dance by Indian Army....young Rhinos of Assam Regiment...
An Indian Army Assam Regiment song. Drawing inspiration from its institutional folklore, the song is an ode to one of their brother-in-arm, Badlu Ram, whose surplus Army-supplied food ration, following his death, is believed to have helped his fellow soldiers of his Regiment survive a Japanese seize during World War II. Other, such revered soldiers from the IA's folklore include, Baba Harbhajan Singh & OP Baba.

A highly-enjoyable song, with a peppy tune, if thematically somewhat dark, composed, to keep up the morale, infusing Esprit De Corps amongst the soldiers.

Also from the song,

"Ek khubsoorat ladki this...usko dekh ke Rifleman...something kheenchna bhool gaya. Hawaldar Major dekh liya....Usko pitthoo lagaya."

Can someone identify the word, in place of which I've used 'something', highlighted in Pink?

A formal version of the song, to which every newly passed soldier of the Assam Regiment perform during their oath taking & pipping ceremony.
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Valentine* Messages and Wishes for your girlfriend

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{*Valentine Messages and Wishes  for your girlfriend
{*Valentine Messages and Wishes  for your girlfriend

*Valentine wishes for Girlfriend and Friends

I wanted you to know that you filled my heart with love, joy and pride. Happy Valentine's day to my one true love!

May love blossom all around you today and always. Lots of hugs and kisses to precious little you.

Because you are so special, you are wished a Valentines day filled with love.

You and me,
The way it should be!
We are a perfect match,
Lots of kisses I attach!

I was born to be with you! You make every day feel like Valentine's Day!

Oh, be still my beating heart! Won't you be my Valentine? From your secret admirer.

Everything is better with you in my life. I love you because you're open and honest with me about your thoughts and feelings.

You were the princess I've been waiting for. Wishing you every shade of happiness for Valentine's day!

Heart Touching Rhymes for happy Valentine's day 

 Every kiss is as sweet as the first! Happy Valentines Day, to the one I love with all my heart!

From now until forever, I'll stand by you. My love for you is XXXL!

You'll always be mine,
Comes rain or comes shine!

Every mile that separates us is a wish that you were here with me on Valentine's Day.

We were meant to be together. I want you to know how much you are loved and how lucky I feel to be with you!

A bunch of love lots of hugs and kisses I'm sending your way! You make my heart sing!
Love you more than words can say. Not only today but for the rest of my life!

My dear Valentine,
You a glass of sweet wine,
I hope you'll be mine,
Till the end of time!

Everything is better with you in my life. You & me! Forever!

Love is like a party in the heart. Be mine! From your secret Valentine.

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ANAL SEX : Everything you should know before use Anal Sex

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If you thought sex was taboo, try anal sex. No, really. You should; I mean most of the dudes want to try it anyway. You’ll either bring it up in every sexual conversation you have with your significant—or insignificant—other, even if the other isn’t too keen on it. All you want is for them to say, ‘Okay, hon… For you, I’ll bend over’. Of course that was a good pun, don’t sneer.

Ansl sex tricks

Here’s the thing about anal sex. It’s fucking anal in the most literal and figurative sense of the word. It’s like a sexual paranoia that comes over the fucker and the fuckee. Those of you who have tried it (and are brave enough to admit it publicly, or not) would know this to be true. Of course if you’re the fucker, then you’re just paranoid with the sense of false control it gives you. For the fuckee, it’s like taking them to an asylum while telling them it’s a carnival all the while. Now, don’t get me wrong. Anal can be great; mindblowing, actually. But, most people get it wrong for the simple reason that they don’t really know how to get it in right.

The result is you scare your partner off and are probably preventing them from having one of the most cataclysmic orgasms of their life! Here’s a pointer: NEVER force it in. Ever. It works the same way the vagina does. It ain’t gonna wet itself. But, I’m just going to assume I’m talking to a noob when I say that before you go anal, you need to know all about it.

1. Don’t Go All In

One simply does not go all in when it comes to anal. I bet you didn’t know that. So, yes, if you’ve been poking your junk—never mind if it’s big, little, thin or thick—right inside, stop and take it back out. That’s not how you do anal, bub! So, not. You start slow and small and take one step at a time. Maybe introduce a finger around the area, after having informed your partner and them being okay with it. It’s about heightening the sensation in the area. So some finger play, some rimming with your tongue, very lightly can actually get your apprehensive and hesitant partner to loosen up a bit.

Anal sex tricks

2. It’s Not Dirty

The only thing that is actually dirty about anal is the sexual act and the wicked thought of it. Yes, I can see you going all ‘Is this bitch crazy, or what?’ on me. Nope, not that kinda crazy, hon. It’s not dirty because, anatomically speaking, the anus and the lower part of the rectum—which is where all the anal action goes down—doesn’t really have much fecal matter at all. So, you can quit acting like a cleanliness freak. Seriously, you have weirder things down there and you know that.

3. It Hurts In The Beginning

Maybe it won’t hurt you, if you’re the giver. But, for your receiving partner, the first time will hurt for the simple reason that the muscles are a lot more rigid under there. It’s like prying a piece of wood apart. And no, drilling a nail in there doesn’t help in this case, nutter! You have to be a lot gentler than you would be with a vagina; you have to a lot slower than what you’re used to and a hell of a lot more patient.

4. You Need Lube

Lots and lots and lots of it. You need it on your junk; your partner needs it in the crack. Brand doesn’t really matter so long as you’re using all the prescribed ones. You can even use a lot of moisturizer; just lather it in there. Saliva if you’re the disgustingly innovative kinds who like to get it really frigging dirty. Don’t scoff. Secretly, you know you’ve either done it, or want to do it, you pervs! But, yeah, coming back to the point, lubricants. Lots of them. Don’t even attempt anal without lube unless you’re sole aim is to really hurt, scare and petrify someone away.

5. Try Different Positions

When it comes to trying anal sex, you can’t just simply assume that taking them from behind is going to work because, well, behind. Nope. You could try spooning them, first. Give them a little hand action on the breasts, the vagina, the neck… improvise and use your hands, mouth and tongue to turn them on and stimulate them in other ways, simultaneously.

6. Condoms, Please.

I know what you’re thinking. In fact, you probably just told your significant other, ‘But, Baby, we won’t have to use a condom for anal.’ Abso-fucking-lutely wrong, baby. The thing with using condoms during anal is it smoothens the whole process out a whole lot more. The skin around the anus is usually a lot more sensitive and, yet, it’s a little drier due to the muscles and the amount of washing and scrubbing that goes into it. Your bare junk against that bare skin could cause more friction than you sign up for and it could get rough and sometimes, even bloody (sorry, its true). Condoms are designed to be smoother and with the lube, it’s the best formula for anal pleasure.

7. You Need To Relax

When you’re going for the backdoor, you need to have discussed this at length and actually be onboard to be able to try it first. Now, the receiver will always be a little tense and nervous, especially the first three to five times. You need to be able to get them to relax. One way to do that is by not panicking yourself. Like I said before, take it slow with them. Caress them while you’re getting it in. Squeeze their butt cheeks lovingly and above all, ensure that both of you are in a comfortable setting—in the relationship and in the room—before you get to trying it.

8. It Can Be Pleasurable

Yes. Believe it or not, anal sex can be pleasurable; provided

it’s done right. You talk it over, mull things over in the bath tub (it only makes it better), take it slow, steady, pace things out, and take all of these points into proper consideration and then, you proceed. If done right, anal sex can be one of the most pleasurable acts in the bedroom. Because the nerve endings in the derriere are designed to be more sensitive, you can actually receive maximum stimulation and reach a climax point that is way better than vaginal stimulation. You get there, you’ve attained Nirvana. But, it takes all the effort and energies you can put in and a level of comfort to explore that sexually. Although, you need to understand that sometimes, someone is just not an arse-person, if you know what I’m saying. If it hurts, it hurts. If they don’t want it after the fifth time, they’ll probably not want it at all. Don’t prod.
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Heart attacks have become very common among the worldwide population. Unfortunately, they’re the number 1 reason for death in the world. They occur as a consequence of our stressful lifestyles and unhealthy diets.


You can protect your cardiovascular health by improving your lifestyle- follow a healthier diet and lower the amount of stress. Also, it’s good to recognize the symptoms of heart failure that usually begin to show a month before the heart experiences a failure:

 Shortness of breath

When the lungs don’t get enough oxygen, your heart won’t get the blood which needs to pass through it. Therefore, if you have problems with breathing, immediately consult your physician.

Jaw, neck or back pain

Pressure, tightness, pain, or a squeezing or aching sensation in your chest or arms that may spread to your neck, jaw or back.

Chest pressure

This is a clear symptom that a heart attack can take place in the near future. It’s important to consult your physician if you experience chest ache.


When the arteries tighten, proper blood flow is prevented. Hence, the muscles aren’t getting what they need, which may lead to heart failure. Therefore, if you experience constant fatigue and weakness, consult your physician.

Cold sweats and dizziness

Poor circulation disrupts the proper blood flow to the brain, which is crucial for the proper functioning of the brain.


If you still feel tired and drowsy after sleeping or resting for some time, and if this goes on for days and days, you could be having a loss of blood flow to the heart.

Prevention of heart attacks
is very important; noticing and treating the above mentioned symptoms timely, will significantly lower the chances for heart attacks.

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You might be surprised to know that you don’t need to go to the gym to stay fit. Your daily activities burn calories and can add up to a personal fitness routine. Research indicates there are a number of everyday activities that, if done correctly, will burn 200 or more calories in 30 minutes to an hour. Check out the following activities and the number of calories they burn. (Note: Calories are based on a 150-pound person. If you’re heavier, you’ll burn even more).


Badminton is a very fun activity which can burn quite a number of calories. The longer the game is played, the more energy that will be burned. Play badminton at a moderate intensity for one hour, you will burn approximately 400 calories. Playing badminton for an hour will burn three times more calories than working out in the gym for the same period of time.


You burn 47 calories in 30 minutes of standing in line and 260 calories in an hour of grocery shopping with a cart. Bag your own groceries, take them out to the car yourself, and return the cart to the corral, and you’ll burn even more.


Washing your car works your arms and abdominals. Simply rinsing, washing and drying your car can burn 334 calories in an hour! So the next time there’s a long line at the carwash, take a hose and a bucket of soapy water and get to it.


Vacuuming the carpet will help tone your arms and legs and burn calories, especially if your vacuum is heavy. An hour of vacuuming burns approximately 180 calories, the same amount you’d burn in 30 minutes of kick boxing.


Dancing is a great cardio exercise that tightens and tones the muscles. You can burn 150 to 400 calories dancing for 30 minutes. It depends on how much you weigh, how hard you work, the type of dance, and the number of breaks you take. Aerobic dance can burn upwards of 443 calories per hour.


Your favorite childhood playground game is actually an incredible workout. Depending on your pace and intensity, it can burn about 300 calories in 30 minutes.


Throwing your laundry in the washer, the dryer and then folding it can burn more than 200 calories. And if some of your laundry needs to be pressed, add on another 140 calories for every hour you spend ironing.
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Story Of The Best Indian Spy Who Served As a Major In Pakistan Army

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Ravinder Kaushik was born in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan in 1952 to a Punjabi family. He was just a teenager who loved performing theater when he was spotted by India’s external intelligence agency, RAW. Nothing much is clear as to what happened in between his first contact with the RAW personnel during the national drama presentation and his graduation in 1975. Ravinder Kaushik joined the intelligence agency after graduating and little did he know that it would turn out to be a life-altering decision.


Fast forward to November 2001 in Pakistan where a certain Nabi Ahmed suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis and heart disease takes his final breath on his deathbed while ensuring a secret passage for the last of the letters he would write to his mother. This was not a hassle for him; passing on secret texts and document across the border, it is what he had been trained for thirty years ago when he first started training as an undercover agent for India.

Ravinder Kaushik or Nabi Ahmed was India’s best spy to ever penetrate the rank and profile of the Pakistan army. He went undercover at an age of 23 after being recruited by RAW. During his training in Delhi he learned Urdu, got acquainted with the muslim religious texts, the topography in Pakistan and underwent circumcision. When he was sent to Pakistan in 1975, all his records in India were destroyed and he was given a new identity of Nabi Ahmed Shakir. Nabi Ahmed now started his LLB in Karachi University to create a perfect back story and join the Pakistan army.


He was commissioned in the Pakistan Army and soon promoted to the rank of Major. During that time he converted to Islam and married a local girl Amanat, fathering a son with her. From 1979 to 1983 he passes on critical information to the Indian defense forces which were of great help. Because of the valuable information being sent by Nabi Ahmed he became famous as ‘The Black Tiger’ in Indian defense circles, a name conferred by the then prime minister Indira Gandhi herself.

In 1983, Inyat Masiha was sent by RAW to get in touch with Nabi Ahmed. He was caught by Pakistani intelligence agencies and tortured to reveal Nabi Ahmed’s true identity. The cover now blown by the Pakistani intelligence agencies, Ravinder Kaushik was tortured for two years before being sentenced to death in 1985. His death sentence was later changed to life imprisonment by the Supreme Court.

Kaushik spent the last 16 years of his glorious life in various jails including Mianwali and Sialkot. Due to the poor facilities in the Pakistani jails, he contracted Asthma and TB which turned fatal. After enduring extreme trauma he finally succumbed to a heart disease in the New Central Multan Jail. The finest Indian spy is still buried today behind that jail.

His life still inspires a lot of young RAW officers and he is still remembered as India’s finest intelligence agent who never gave up serving his country in his death. Ravinder Kaushik will always be a true Indian soldier who gave his life without ever asking for any acknowledgement. We salute the great Indian warrior – The Black Tiger!
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