Supreme Court Declares Triple Talaq Unconstitutional

Posted by kiran gupta

In a historic move, the Supreme Court today said triple talaq is unconstitutional.

A constitution bench of five judges of different faiths heard the case over five days from May 12 to May 18. By a majority of 3:2, talaq e biddat (instant talaq) is set aside.

The SC has now directed the Parliament to bring in a legislation on triple talaq. It expressed hope the Centre's legislation will take into account concerns of Muslim bodies and Sharia law.

The judgment is a huge victory for Indian Muslim women as it upholds their gender rights and dignity.
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Both actors who played the 'Marlboro Man' died of lung cancer.

Posted by Rahul Pandey

The 'Marlboro Man' was a character created by Marlboro to promote their cigarettes. Commonly featured from 1954 to 1999 he was depicted as a rugged cowboy.

The character was created to promote the introduction of filtered cigarettes, yet sustained a large fan base. However, it turns out that two of the actors who portrayed 'Marlboro Man' died of lung cancer.

Wayne McClaren and David McClean were both hired as actors, and forced to smoke up to five packs of cigarettes a day for shoots. It's no surprise after only ten years of resigning as the character, both had died.

McClean's family sued Philip Morris, the company owning Marlboro, after his death claiming they held responsibility.

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The Story Behind The Saying 'Sava Lakh Se Ek Ladaun' Will Make You Believe That Sikhs Are Fearless

Posted by Rahul Pandey

Sikhs, as a community, have stood tall as a breed of warriors. From the gallant Gurus to the Indian Army, Sikhs have never backed down from going to war for the sake of humanity and the country. One of the many Sikh war cries is the famous ‘Sava Lakh Se Ek Ladaun Tabhi Gobind Singh Naam Kahaun'. You surely would have heard it loud and clear in the movies, but have you ever wondered where it came from? Here, this is the story behind it.

The saying came from the Supreme Guru of Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh during the Second War of Chamkaur Sahib, in 1705. Mughal Emperor and Hindu Hill Chiefs settled at a truce and a safe passage to leave Anandpur Sahib was offered to Guru Gobind Sing and his fellow Sikhs. While Gobind Singh thought that the Mughals weren't chasing them anymore, an informant had informed Wazir Khan about their movement. Hot on their heels, the Sikhs battled extreme weather while crossing the river.

The Guru along with only 40 of his followers was able to cross the river. Their entire army was now scattered. These 40 men took shelter in a small mud house called ‘Kachhi Garhi'. It didn't take very long for the Mughal Army to surround the hiding. If the legend is to be believed, Guru Gobind Singh went against 10 lakh Mughal soldiers while having only 40 warriors on his side. The 40 Sikhs along with Guru Gobind Singh as the commander opened attack on the army. They fought till the lasts of the ammunition and when the ammo ran out. The Sikhs came out in batches of 5 and attacked the army that outnumbered them beyond belief. Each Sikh fought with the bravery of a lion and this situation brought true the prophecy of one of Guru Sahib Ji's compositions:

"Call me Gobind Singh, only, when each of my Sikh will fight with more than one and a quarter lakh of enemy."

“Sava Lakh Se Ek Ladaun Tabhi Gobind Singh Naam Kahaun”

The battle went down in the history as one of the greatest ever!
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The Brutal Way In Which Mughals Killed This Sikh Warrior Of Punjab Will Make You Rethink Cruelty

Posted by Rahul Pandey

The Mughals ruled India for over 300 years and some of their contributions to the country in the field of art and architecture are unparalleled. While there were periods in between the Mughal rule that were peaceful and produced some of the best world-renowned monuments of India, many people forget that the struggle to get hold of a new territory often results in a lot of bloodshed. The same was the case with the Mughals invading Punjab during early 1700s.

This tale of invasion through brutality in the region of Punjab in early 1700s shows how bloodthirsty Mughal rulers demonized the sacred community of Sikhs around that time. Baba Banda Singh, the army general under the patronage of Guru Gobind Singh, was tasked with clearing out the cruel rulers of Punjab. In no time, the disciplined and noble Banda Singh was able to take hold of various areas in Punjab including Samaana, Sonepat, Shahbaad and Kapoori that were under the control of Mughals who maltreated the local farmers and their families.

By 1714, Banda Singh and his army had freed most of Punjab from the Mughal rule but now faced more and more attacks from the sultanate that was wary of its fading influence in the region.

In December 1715, Banda Singh and 800 Sikh men in his army were captured in a Garhi, where they had been surviving for the past eight months after an ambush. Zakria Khan, the son of Abdu Samad who had ordered Banda's capture, was tasked with presenting this ‘gift' to the ruler in Delhi, Farakh-Seyer. But for him, Banda Singh was too small a gift for the ruler and, therefore, he ordered his men to behead every Sikh who would cross their path while travelling from Lahore to Delhi. The procession which had Banda Singh at the center included 760 prisoners in chains and 200 heads on spears.

The procession finally reached Delhi in February 1716 and almost 700 of Banda Singh's men were beheaded in front of the Delhi Gate at Khuni Darwaja. This kind of brutality was unseen at that time and a huge flock of locals gathered to witness this atrocity. But it just didn't stop there. Baba Banda Singh was, then, traumatized near Qutub Minar where 26 of his closest associates were beheaded in front of him with the hope that he might reveal his army's strategies and give up assets but he did not budge.

When the Mughals saw that Baba Banda Singh just did not break, they decided to make a show of his son's planned execution. His son was seated on his lap and the executioner carved out his heart through the chest and thrust it into Baba Banda Singh's mouth. This excruciating barbarianism on part of Mughals is still remembered as the goriest incidents in the history of India.

Banda Singh Bahadur was finally killed after Mughals gouged out his eyes with daggers, cut off his hands and legs with hot rods and beheaded him as he fell unconscious.Farakh Seyer, who ordered this torture of Banda Singh, met with the same fate at the hands of his own men after there was a revolt against him. But this dreadful execution of Banda Singh and his men still remains the most inhumane act by the Mughals during their 300-year rule.
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5 Tested & Trusted Apps To Make Money Online

Posted by Rahul Pandey
As our mobiles remain all the time along with us, in our pocket so if your lifestyle is as such that you get a lot of spare time but in gaps means, that part of your day is not that much to do some interesting stuffs but still takes a lot of your time then you can even use your Smartphone to Make Money Online.

These ways to make money with your phone aren’t necessarily a way to earn a real living, but, if used sensibility, they can help you recoup some of the cost of your cell phone bill and maybe put a few dollars in your pocket.

So here, I am telling you Top 5 Most Popular & Trustworthy Free Smartphone Apps to make money online.

1. CheckPoints – Free Gift Cards

Available for Android and Apple iOS Devices, CheckPoints is the “App that Pays you Back”. Basically, it is a reward points generating app that lets you earn reward points by scanning barcodes for products like Coca-Cola, Dreyer’s and more.

The points will gift you freebies like gift certificates for iTunes, Walmart gift cards, American Airlines miles, cool gadgets like popular tablets and gaming systems, and even donations to charities and there is a huge list of gifts also available to choose from.

2. EasyShift

EasyShift is a new, fun way to earn easy cash by doing simple assignments like taking a picture, recording a price or giving your opinion. Just sign up to there and start accepting “shifts”. You will earn points and opportunities to access better payment assignments after completing a shift.
Payment system is very flexible. EasyShifts Pays cash into PayPal accounts. Payments for shifts range from $2 to $20 and are paid within 48 hours.

3. Parking Panda

Having an extra parking space in your driveway? Parking Panda can help you to utilize that space for making money by renting it out for the weekend. If you live in a populated metropolitan area where parking is very expensive, you can list your parking space or driveway in this app.

It is an easy and very comfortable way to find someone who pays you very good amount for your parking space. You just need to set your price and drivers will contact you if they needed parking space.

4. Embee Mobile


Embee Mobile uses EmbeePay to let their users earn online. This Mobile Microtasks program is available in 100 countries and for 300+ mobile carriers. People contract other people for in-person services.

5. MyLikes

MyLikes is a very big Social Media Advertising program. To use this advertising network to earn money, you should have Apple iPhone/ Android Phone and social media accounts on Twitter, Tumblr, and/or YouTube.

After signing up, connect your social account there, share text and video links of listed campaign relevant to your group. You will get paid as per cost-per-click program. You are paid for as many views or clicks you receive during the campaign’s time span.

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Here Are 20 Shades Of MS Dhoni’s Life On His Birthday

Posted by Rahul Pandey

Former Captain of Indian Cricket Team is a darling to all Indians. He is an attacking right-handed middle-order batsman and wicket-keeper and is widely known as one of the greatest finishers in limited-overs cricket.

He is also known as one of the best wicket-keepers in the world. He is referred as ‘Captain Cool’, all because of his achievements in such less time. Under his captaincy, India won the 2007 ICC World Twenty20, the CB Series of 2007–08, the 2010 Asia Cup, the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup and the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy.

The Indian Territorial Army conferred him the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel on 1 November 2011. With this he became the second Indian cricketer after Kapil Dev to receive this honour.

Before making his name in world of cricket, he used to work as a TTE in Indian Railways. His biopic titled ‘MS Dhoni- An Untold Story’ starring Sushant Singh Rajput shows his early life and his hardwork before he made it to what he is today.

On his birthday, Here are 20 beautiful Shades of MS Dhoni’s life. Take a look:

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